Participant registration

The basis of Eventure is formed by the Participant Module. Starting from Participant, users can extend and supplement the system using the modules of their choice. The standard functionalities of Participant already enable the simple organisation of participant registration. After entering the basic data of the congress, like names, dates, registration types, etc., users can e.g. arrange workshops and assign participant categories. After filling in the basic data the actual registration process can start with participant registration by hand. For sending confirmations Eventure has a standard confirmation, but it is equally possible to send a confirmation made in MS Word.

The basic Participant environment allows users to make and print participant badges in line with their own requirements. Management information and other reports (such as lists of participants) are always within reach. Eventure offers the possibility to generate standard reports, but users can also export data to Excel for further processing.

For on-site handling a local copy is used, called the Conference Location Copy. This is a version of Eventure that will make available all data of a congress or event on a laptop or in a network. This means all the known Eventure functionalities will be accessible at all times.


The Payments Module enables the user to enter amounts into the system and to print/mail the invoices. This will guarantee a clear overview of the balance between outstanding debts and payments made.


For hotel reservations and the linking of participants to individual rooms.

Group module

The Group Module is used to link the data of participants employed at the same company in order to prepare invoices covering the entire group, including the corresponding reports, if so required.

Confirmations/Letters/Reports through email

Many people rather receive an email than a letter by regular mail. For this reason, Eventure enables users to send various communications through email instead of regular mail. This module requires an email programme based on the MAPI protocol, e.g. Outlook and Outlook Express.

Onsite registration

Through a dedicated network onsite, participants without a registration can fill in their own personal data. At the registration desk only payment and the distribution of the badge(s) remain.

Excel Import Module

Want to import participants listed in an Excel file directly into the congress supported by Eventure? No problem with the Excel Import Module.

Multilingual Module

This module offers the possibility to use more than one language during congress (organisation). The participants will then receive standard letters in their own language.

Accompanying/additional persons

Some participants will bring their wives or partners. This module is used to register these persons, not as congress participants but to include them into the partner or social programme. If nesercarry it is also possible to print a badge.

Name checking previous congress

If participants are already known from another or a previous congress, the system will automatically check offline whether these people are already known to the database. In that case users can import the relevant data directly.

Change option through spreadsheet

This change option will make the participant registration data available as a spreadsheet. Changes made in the spreadsheet will be simultaneously entered into the database. This will make work easier for those users who have chosen to enter registrations by themselves, e.g. in case a company name has been misspelled, involving a number of participants from the same company.


For registering the arrival and departure dates of participants, enabling organisers to arrange transport.

Vouchers, tickets, etc.

Many parts of the congress programme require tickets and/or vouchers. Eventure makes it happen. It's easy as well.

Reimbursement Module

Does the organisation involve paying e.g. travel expenses? In that case, the administration will benefit from the Reimbursement Module.

Events on Badge Module

Up to a maximum of five event titles printed directly on the badge.

Additional internet modules for participant registration

Reports on the internet

A congress or any other event? These usually involve long lists of participants and workshops. Eventure makes these lists available on the internet.

External login

With this module participants can get their own personal link to login to the registrationspage. You can choose the landing page and whether or not you send personal data within the link.

Categories on the internet

A truly unique feature of Eventure is the combination of working offline and online. The Categories on the internet module makes the categories compiled offline available on the internet. This allows users to indicate which category(ies) can register for which part of the congress. This is a very handy module if a congress includes paying and non-paying participants.

Free text page

Slip your own web page in between the log-in page and the page containing the personal data of the participant.

Sending SMS

This option allows the user to send an SMS (directly from the system) to one or any number of participants.

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