Basic Principles

  • Aim for long-term relationships with clients, employees and suppliers. It is the continuity that helps to maintain the highest possible quality of service.
  • A focus on the European meetings industry, yet buying and delivering worldwide.
  • Do business the correct way, meaning taking responsibility and never hiding behind suppliers.
  • Client-oriented working based on a thorough knowledge of the working processes of the client.
  • Give clients insight into Parthen’s own working processes and act in a transparent manner.
  • Clients select us to carry out their orders, but only because we offer real added value.
  • Product development for a highly specific market. 

Have an open attitude towards collaborative efforts together with other suppliers, always looking to extend our range of services. Truly client-oriented work can only be done if we understand the working processes of our clients. This is, in fact, the only way for a supplier to bring his services in line with those of his client. The people working at Parthen together boast an incredibly wide experience in the meeting industry. We have also mastered the art of learning from our clients.

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