About us

With hindsight we can now say that Parthen filled a niche in the market when it started about 20 years ago as an enterprise that focused on servicing the organisers of conferences, congresses, seminars and other business events.

The aim of a business event is generally a combination of knowledge transfer and networking. A good organisation will also often have to deal with a lot of household matters. Parthen offers expert support for a number of these household matters.  A solid participant registration is not exactly the aim of a congress, but it is a prerequisite. In a way, the preparation that took weeks, months and sometimes even years will materialise in one or just a few days. It is, for this reason alone, very understandable that organisers are looking for absolute control over any aspects connected with the organisation of the congress. The services offered by Parthen were specially designed to support this desire for control. The key word here is communication.

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